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Who are the Brigands

The Brigands are a gaming group based in Leinster. We aim to encourage the local meta to get together and play more games to grow the community.

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What do we play?

Primarily a Warmachine club we are also expanding into other games like: Shadow Wars, Blood Bowl, Bushido & Malifuax.

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A club for new and established players alike

The club aims to encourage members to play as many members on a regular basis as possible and time will be given to help new players improve rather than a focus on a solely competitive play experience. Allowances will be made for players with limited available play time.

For Coin & Glory – Mercs Vs Mercs

For Coin & Glory – Merc Batrap The Failed recording! So John popped over to record a game of Mercs vs Mercs with the new Rhulic Theme force. I decided to play Blaize and all Morrowian models with Rociante, Gaston with vanguard & Aiyanna and Holt. Won the roll...

Training with Trolls – Warpcon

Training with Trolls – Warpcon Game: 1 Gunnborjn Vs Vayl1  - Extraction Lost the roll so I chose sides. Unfortunatly I picked the wrong side. I could have had a trench and a hill rather than a forest and a trench.This would have also meant the Hellmouth was not in a...

Training with Trolls – Gunnborjn

Training with Trolls – Gunnborjn So I have expanded my learning to one of the factions ranged warlocks. Once again I played into Menoth and High Reclaimer. Mission was Recon. I chose sides after losing the roll. I chose the side with the trench and a small forest...

Una2 – The Proxy

So I played a very very quick game against Amon using Una2 to demonstrate how tricky her feat is to play around. I used 6 proxy models. I played with 5 Scarsfeld Griffins and Una and went second. Amon adavnced, checked to ensure I wasnt in range. I advanced slightly...

100 games in 2017!

I am going to track all my games in 2017 here and update it as I go. Plan to play as close to 100 games in 2017 as possible with short Blogs or videos of each. Game 1: Horgle2 (Trollbloods) vs Sorchsa1 (Khador) - Charlie Healy - Victory on death clock. Game 1 Video...

Training with Trolls – Horgle2

So we decided to re wrack and start again. Amon list changed sightly, second devout dropped for a second dervish and max choir. Game was a disaster, start to finish. We played Extraction. Once again I got the MK killed, left him out of the KS aura. Amon played more...

Training with Trolls 3 – Horgle2 vs Amon

Once again I put Horgle2 on the table. Still not happy with his list, I attempted to Power of Dhulia Theme force. This changed the list to: Horgle2 Runebearer Mountainking Axer Bomber Bouncer Pyre Janissa Northkin Shaman Krielstone Runeshapers Dhunian Knot I played...

Training with Trolls – Actual Game.

Game was a mess – We both made some awful mistakes. Bradigus vs Horgle. I didn’t factor in his feat top of 2 and didn’t transfer IR to MK. He feated and got 3 heavies in with synergy up. Left the King on 11 health. I then forgot I had rage and feated and king only...

Training with Trolls – The Battle plan.

Battle plan: Start with Runebearer and use Harmonious Exaltation,  Jannisa pops out a hill , Horgle Casts IR on Kriel Warriors, Fire starter on Bomber and drop 3 into the stone, walks onto hill. Rile and run all 3 beasts. Warders run and stay B2B with each other and...

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If you would like to become a member and live or work in the Leinster area, go to our membership page and sign up. We can’t wait to start gaming

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