Irusk stood on top of the battlements, if one could call it that, quickly constructed wooden step at best.  This location was purposely selected due to the abundance of natural resources, with black Ivan and Conquest, the supreme Kommandant knew resources could be scarce.


Once the construction began, he cursed his scouts. Not too far into the forest the standing stones were evident. How could these have been missed? He was ill prepared for an attack at this stage and called Andrei to his side. Although the Kazazy were not known for labour, the empress’s coin gave them encouragement and they traded daggers for shovels and began digging trenches.

Not long afterwards, the fog descended around the area and Irusk, fired up the warjacks and brought his troops to battle ready.

To the right, the Kazazy had once again swapped their tools however now tools of choice and went head long into the blood trackers. Irusk offered them a boost in speed as they clashed. Both their leaders taken out quickly and both sides reduced dramatically within minutes.

To his left, the mortar opened fire on the skinwalkers. Irusk encouraged the widowmakers forward however they were not quiet swift enough and Irusk Ordered Jonne to fire regardless of their position.  Much to the life expectancy of one windowmaker.

As the battle raged all around, Irusk stood, indominatable, facing the battle group of Morvanha. The druids dragged Black Ivan through the forest and the stalker unleashed its rage on the machine, tearing it limb from limb, Merely feet from Irusk, yet he did not flinch.

Irusk Stared down the Warpwolf stalker, gave the conquest some of his inner strength and began to issue commands. Prior to completion, Aiyanna startled with the shear mass of the warbeast and blew a kiss to the beast, Holt within seconds blew the shoulder from the beast in 2 quick fire blasts, Harlan Versh then shot the beast 4 times leaving a blooded mess, however the beast remained moving. Irusk, stalled the Conquest and took out his own hand cannon and took another lump from the beast. With its life leaving its body, a widowmaker ended his existence.

The conquest stepped forward and thinned the blood trackers and killed a gallows grove. The battle was turning and Irusk knew it.


Through the rising steam from the dead warpwolf was a shadow, a flash and suddenly another stalker, frothed at the mouth stood in front of Irusk. Before he could react, the stalker struck him, knocking him to his knees, no time for recovery, endgame was brought up to defend himself however the force of the attack smashed the blade from his hands and the world went dark.