Irusk awoke to the see the crone by his side. His vision was still blurred however he felt secure.

He attempted to rise, however Agatha, placed her hand on his chest and eased him back onto his back. Her eyes filled with wisdom and confidence. He had heard of her nurturing Vladimir back to health and again she was looking after Khadors heroes.

“I told you not to take that land, but no one heeds my warnings these days, I’ve spoken with Madrak also, he too is head strong and pursues his own meandering way, the path to Victory is to the south west. The Titans must be freed and the Cyclops destroyed.

I have secured this location and in your stead sent Aleksandra with a force of winterguard to kill Molik Karn and cease the lands of Skorne. I have also sent Behemoth with her, for we shall not require him for some time.

Heed my words Gurvaldt, for had I not plans for you in Khadors future, you would be resting under the shifting stones as part of the leylines now.”