Aleksandra stood over the battlefield, she had left Kovnik Joe to marshall the wintergaurd unit and instructed the kossites to go into cover advance of the force in a wide flanking position.

She could see the well disciple Skorne battleline, Banners flying proud, strange see their general, a Tyrant by name, with a banner not insignificant however not near as large of the Titan whom walked just inches behind him. Tiberion Stood menacing, Agatha, the Old witch of Khador, was right once again, and Aleksandra was relieved she had headed her words and took Behemoth with her.

The lines of battle were being drawn in front of her, the skorne battle lines formed. She assessed the army and quickly noticed the pace to her left and the sturdiness to the right. She ordered Joe to take the left and Alexia to the right. Widowmakers and Eiryss took up the walled area ahead.

Not long after the battle commenced did she release her tactical error, although the right was going well, It went too well and Alexia was not close enough to be collecting the souls of the Nihallators, and these were going to the indominatable form of Hakaar. The right, although attempts were made, the winterguard were ineffectual against the Defenders warded Immortals.



She had to take steps herself to rescue the situation. She stepped into the middle of the battle field and sent a pulse out, washing over the entire battle field, the enemies got confused and orders were issued, but failed to meet the ears of intended reciprocants. She added to the killed powers of her force and the last Nihallator fell. She issued behemoth forward and Hakaar felt the full force of a broadside from behemoth yet remained standing. Joe issued a call for the Riflecore to charge him. The remaining riflecore ran to engage the immortals. Joe knew he was sending them to the grave but the motherland required their actions for success.  Hakaar was hit brutally and with Joe’s speech ringing clearly in the ears of the core, the destroyed the construct.

Once again the battle was shifting into the Khadorian hands. The kossites came in from the left and ambushed the gatorman witch doctor and attacked the rear of the immortals, which were now surrounded on all sides. Xerxis took things into his own hands and advanced, used his own prowess and eliminated all but 2 of the riflecore, he then fell back after the attack into a defensive position alongside the Cetrati in a trench. He knew this was a step which put him under pressure however it resulted in Behemoth staying outside target range.

Darkness came over the battlefield with light fading and both aware that the fight must end soon. Tiberion advanced slightly to be surrounded by Alexia’s risen, frustrated he trampled over them, crushing each under foot.  Suddenly he was standing toe to toe with Behemoth, He struck the machine ineffectually, and struck a final time which resulted in the mass metal fly through the air and collide with its controlling warcaster. Much to her shock as the final 2 cetarti advanced on her.

Once again, a Khadorian warcaster woke up in a room with the Old Witch standing over her.

She would take actions into her own Hands