Blood, Smoke and Fire

The smoke rose in lazy plumes as Lylyth surveyed the labouring Nyss constructing the kill zone in front of Everblight’s latest stronghold in the Iron Kingdoms. Situated high in the mountains over looking a crystal lake it was a perfect staging point for spreading her masters blight further afield.

She had carefully mapped out a hellish maze of razor wire, stake lined ditches and armoured pillboxes using the Khadorian infrastructure recently acquired in her attack on the keep to her forces advantage. They had not put up much of a fight but she had expected nothing less than a total surrender from a skeleton force  garrison facing the combined might of the Daughter and Shadow of Everblight. Still she longed for a meaningful engagement where her mettle could be truly tested.

Absylonia had taken a sizeable force southeast to join with Thagrosh and annex nearby territories, this was yet another carefully measured insult from the prophet after her recent failures to the Master and Lylyth was cataloguing them all, nurturing the animosity and hatred within for her fellow champions “Soon” she sighed to herself as she gracefully picked her way through the carpet of mangled steel from the Khadorian Warjacks her Sister had torn asunder with bare fang and claw – despite her contempt for Absylonia she conceded in a contest of strength and savagery she would be undone but…Lylyth was snapped from her thoughts as a horn sounded in the distance, snatching ‘Whisper’ from the intricately carved hold on her back she darted towards the origin of the sound. Coming to a promontory overlooking a large basin at the foot of the mountains she saw the gathering dust clouds rising above a sizeable Skorne force on the march, did they know about the Legions sacking of the citadel? Did they know of the citadel at all? Lylyth immediately cast such thoughts of her opponents ignorance aside, the Skorne where not a foe to be underestimated. Calling her Warbeasts to her side with a mere thought she dispatched a message to her hated sister about the impending attack and prepared for battle.