Blood, Fire and Smoke – Part 2

Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight dove from the sky, darting towards her target like a viper, she wrenched the Nihilator’s head from his torso with a wet crack as tendons gave way to blighted strength. She casually tossed the head aside and soared high above the battlefield once more searching for her next victim. Her sisters message had reached her before she had mounted her invasion of the Khadorian territory to the West, forcing her to turn around and make haste to her incompetent sister’s aid lest the newly acquired stronghold in the mountains be lost. Her hatred for her sister burned bright in her eyes and her Dragonspawn fed from their masters rage, a Carnivean smashed into a Titan bowling the beast over and sending a wash of dragons breath deep into the Skorne lines, the battle was turning and Absylonia could feel the momentum swinging in her favor.
Lylyth watched the column of Skorne enter the killzone with a predators gaze, she had already dispatched her Deathstalkers to the eastern side to harass the flanks of the Skorne advance. Her pair of Ravagores idled beside her, straining to engage the enemy. She rested her hand on the flanks of one calming the beast, “Soon” she whispered. She wove a veil of darkness around her ambushing force and prompted her warbeasts into action. Her instructions were clear, find the enemy commander and kill them. The first to die was Molik Karn, Lylyth having heard the beasts fearsome reputation spat a curse at the gladiator cyclops and took his eye with two arrows knocked from whisper in quick succession, She fired while she moved gunning down anything that moved while she focused her fury on Molik Karn determined to slay the beast before he could influence the unfolding drama, a thunderous bolt fired from the Nephilim took her prey from his feet and before he could stagger to his feet a Ravagore sent a torrent of dragons fire consuming Molik in a blazing inferno. Satisfied the beast no longer proved a threat Lylyth goaded her beasts to continue their barrage of the Skorne column, fire reigned down on the raiders from the east and Makeda was forced to rout rather than be destroyed, with a cry of victory Lylyth ordered her forces forward.
“NO!” a voice rang in Lylyth’s mind “Brother you ruin my fun?” her tone was clearly set to antagonize Thagrosh but the Prophet would not succumb to such petty goading, “return to the citadel, your sister will clear up your mess!” the words stung Lylyth, had her sister not been so zealous charging off into the sunset this would have been avoidable, three days was all she asked to properly scout the surrounding areas for potential threats “As you wish my Brother” Lylyth turned heel and strode back to the citadel, “Soon” she said to nobody at all but she knew her brother had heard.
Absylonia landed in the centre of the Skorne Army and sent her challenge to Archdomina Makeda, lifting from the ground with a snap of her wings she rose above the battefield and sought out her prey. The titan let out a pathetic cry of despair as the Carnivean tore its jugalar vein out with its fanged bite, the sentry collapsed in a bloody heap as the Carnivean turn his eyeless gaze toward the Bronzeback seeking to tear the lifes essence from its body with fang and claw.
Makeda tried vainly to rally her troops before the ferocity of the Legion attack. Everywhere her force was dying, the Arcurii had survived the attentions of the Seraph, but their numbers were depleted beyond a meaningful figure, Molik Karn had barely survived the barrage from the Ambushing force that had waylayed the column, out of the din of battle a hulking terror with bladed arms emerged, stalking toward Makeda with a killers purpose. Makeda made way  to distance herself from the murderous intentions of the Scythean when a bolt of dragon fire took her in the chest and knocked her over, she barely had time to stand when the swooping arc of a Scytheans talons made the darkness claim her.