This years Welsh master saw over 177 players taken part, making it the biggest single warmachine tournament in Europe this year and 4 brigands attended this years event, Charlie, James, Charlie 2 (John ) and I (Jason).

Our host was Martyn Jenkins who is one of the nice guys you will every meet, the event was staged in Firestorm Games, Cardiff which has amazing facilities on site, including a full bar, serving drinks and food all day and is about 5 minutes walk from our Hotel (clayton hotel). The clayton Hotel has the most amazing Brazilian BBQ in it, Myself James and Charlie 2 worked our way through 17 different types of meat on the Friday night. Keeping on the subject of food the Welsh master had a whole pig roast on the Saturday and a BBQ on the Sunday for all players, Cardiff itself has a great selection of bars and restaurant covering everyone taste, and is a great spot for players wife’s and family’s (Gerry, Phil Ciaran and Charlie)

Prize support in one word was amazing – every round a free army was given away, KR case for everyone, Painting competition, best in faction and best in country limited art prizes and much much more.

The event itself was a 7 round master event on Saturday and Sunday, along with Fridays events Spell draft, colossalmania and guild ball. All event tables had space for you trays, extra models and beers. The mix of players and standard were excellent, the event itself was very clean, had good air ventilation and clean toilets, all very important with the new of people on site.

Team event – Scotland win the Team event this year, it would be great for the brigands to win it next year, the way it works is the top 3 player from each country scores are combined and the highest score wins the event.

Flights to Cardiff, once booked on time are very cheap with flybe flying directly from Dublin to Cardiff daily, and a bus service directly into the heart of Cardiff. Ryanair also fly in to Bristol which is about a 90 minute bus journey away. One tip, do not fly with John if he is bring clocks with him.

I have already booked my trip for next year, flying in on the Friday morning and I have booked the Brazilian BBQ for that night as well, if you only get one event next year this is the event.