With the new edition commonly referred to Mark III – I am going to continue my development with Minions,  now I will adding Gators into my armory.

I’m not going to discount any models until after using them a number of times and see them in action.

Game 1:

Rask vs Mordikaar

My list is a mash up and its purpose was to try out models not necessarily a tournament viable list.


  • Targ
  • Bullsnaper
  • Ironback Spitter
  • Swamp Horror
  • Meat Thresher
  • Efaarit Scout
  • Feralgeist
  • Bone Grinders (Max)
  • Shamblers
  • Posse (Max)

Objective: Fuel Cache

Lost the roll and Phil took first and I chose sides.

He had Ferox on my left and Cetrati on my right. Terrain was also an factor with a Forest on my right and an acid pool centre and Rubble to the mid left.

Knowing the Ferox would out threat and and more than likely murder the posse, they had to face off vs the forest and Cetrati. The Meat Thresher would have to manage the Ferox and Rhadeim. Plan was simple use the fuel cache cloud to cover my advance and feat to further advance into his lines to ensure I could get into the despoiler.

The Game

Game started brightly with the death of a Ferox to the Spitter and Trag’s ancillary attack leaving another on a single wound and corroded. With no guns of note on the reverse side of the table, I chose not to feat.  Mordikaar feated, moved to a central location, revived a Ferox and waited for the assault. Ferox ran to position to be awkward and covered by feat. Cetrati were Hallowed and thus undead meaning none of the Posse prayers were of any benefit.

Posse charged with re-roll attacksvs living and 2 of them charged at an angle that would prevent their party to be pushed back if attacks missed. Needing 8’s due to the agoniser and also in shield wall i did some damage but only killed a single Cetrati. The shamblers shambled up behind them. Bone grinders positioned to await the future assault from the despoiler. I counter feated, shot hallowed off the Cetrati.

Over the next few turns, the game grinded into Rhadeim into the meat thresher, which eventually the Meat Thresher unsurprisingly won but took linger than it should have due to dodge, reach and a hill. Cetrati did a number on the posse and shambers with the aid of 2 void spirits. However my left was strong with Ferox, Rhadeim, Willbreaker and Brute all killed i could advance onto the flag and start controlling and putting Mordikaar under pressure.

Game came down to the Despoiler charging a bone grinder and Rask. Killed the bone grinder turning him into an Void spirit. Rask admonitioned away and the void spirit killed a bone grinder, and teleported into Rasks back arc.

He missed his attack, although I did have a transfer and 3 shamblers to aid my survival.

Mordikaar was then in charge range of Rask and battle group and he personally put Mordikaar into the dirt.

Assassination Victory (And Phil was 37 mins past his death clock also).

4-3 on scenario also.



Rask – Played him too defensively, Did utilise his spell list with both boundless charge and swamp horror’s elasticity featuring.

Targ – Both Herding and Ancillary attack proving useful

Bullsnaper – Liked him however his torpid ability cost me a turn in killing the beast handlers. Really struggle to see a use now for spiny growth now that it is self and remained 2 fury. Rask will struggle to have the fury himself.

Ironback Spitter – Good gun, and combined with Targ, the 4″ AOE was quite effective.

Swamp Horror – Proved very versatile, good animus and drag and powerful beak attack are good combination. Never targeted so arm 15 was no a concern.

Meat Thresher – Misplayed dual attack and could have killed Rhadeim earlier, Still seems strong with reach from Horror.

Efaarit Scout – Again in a pre measuring game, High speed, Reposition 5″, armour piercing  and a game with increased large targets – Can see him becoming a staple.

Feralgeist – Minimal use, Phil struggled to kill due to incorporeal and low priority. Opportunity to take over the brute but chose not to in order to start scoring control points.

Bone Grinders (Max) – Some serious damage on Despoiler from a single BG, would like to see these in action more

Shamblers – Poor game for them, Bokur was kept safe and shamblers used a shields Rask and targets for Cetrati’s attacks.

Posse (Max) – Poor but no real targets to pair up against. Will try the same list again this week.

Objective: Fuel Cache – Did not like it at all, a lot of the time the cloud effect was in my way or of little use. Timing of the placement in control phase and not during your turn at some stage. I will be changing this for my next game.


Man of the match – Swamp Horror. Accounted for 2 Ferox, Will Breaker, 2 beast handlers & Brute to clear flag for scoring.

As he is not painted, his reward is a coat of colour.