Game 2 again with Rask, however there was a slight change with the list.

I swapped out the Feralgeist & Posse and added Croak Raiders & Bog Trogg Trawler.

Faced Baldur2 in Linebreaker and took bunker as my objective.

I made errors 😛

I placed the croaks far to close together and a combination of Woldwraiths gun, and a double Creavese killed 8 before any meaningful action. With the list selected and no wrastler, I needed the Croaks to get some damage on the WW to take it out of the game. I was now fighting a losing battle so early on.

Trawler ensured that Martins force stayed central, shamblers delayed Skinwalkers but only as a poor speed bump. Bonegrinders were advanced too conservatively and didn’t get involved. thresher struggled against the higher armour of skinwalkers and Megalith and proved ineffectual.

This game went to time, however that was due to Martin knowing if he just didn’t make mistakes or gambles he would win. He started scoring before me, Had attrition due to poor placement on my behalf & was up on clock as I went into the tank each turn to see what minimal options I had.

Martin was keeping well out of threat ranges from majority of my forces and sent in models in mini charges (2/3 models) and contested with the remaining models. Martin cleared these comfortably. Megalith charged the meat thresher and killed him, Eventually the WW took the Swamp horror & bull snapper off the table and I sent the Spitter in, with Fury and boundless charge into him. He did 40+ damage with some huge spikes to kill the WW.

My clock dropped below 10 secs as I passed the clock and I was 3-1 down on scenario.


Game was effectively over from turn  2 and Martin just passed the turn and I lost on clock.

Did not get a chance to see the croaks in action, Meat Thresher once again failed to impress, Trawler however did see some value although failed to kill anything at 3 Pts, I can see some value here in some lists.

As his reward, Trawler is next up on the painting table.