Once again it was Rask vs Baldur2.

Objectives: Both Bunker

I fielded the same list;

Martin dropped the second unit of Skinwalkers for a wold guardian.

Again, I lost the roll to choose turn order. (Game number 6 in MKIII). Martin went first.

Wold Guardian to my left, Wold Wraith central & Megalith & Skinwalkers to the right.

I deployed Croaks facing Guardian and objective, Bone grinders just to the left to threaten both the

guardian and WW, Meat thresher & Earifit Scout to the right to threaten the Skinwalkers and

everything else centrally.


My placement was much more careful, and although Martin advanced, I lost no models until turn 3.

Earfit scout took a shot at a skinwalker and did 7 damage. Croaks positioned themselves turn 1 and

attempted to kill the objective from range turn 2. Not considering the maths, and doing 7 damage to

it. 5 Charging croaks would have killed it. I also dominated my own zone to go 1-0 up as Martin

Flanked hard to his right. I feated to protect my force.

Objective continued to burn.


The croaks being out of feat range took the brunt of the attack and

only 4 models remained. Martin Feated and put 3 skinwalkers into the Zone to contest and used the

other 2 to shield the WW from assault. I failed in my attempt to clear my own Zone, Failed to kill the

objective, however did contest his zone and trawler came on to attack druids at the rear-guard.

Martin continued to clear his zone and moved forward with the WW. Due to skinwalkers, and wall, I

could only get the spitter into range. Using boundless charge, Elasticity and Fury, he went head long

into an undamaged Woldwraith with memories of the last battle doing 40+ points of damage. This

averaged out with only 12 points of damage caused. Charge attack missed and another of the beak

attack missed (snake eyes to miss).

The WW hit with his first attack and knocked the spitter down, no chance of retaliatory strike and

had sufficient remaining fury to cast his animus. Martin scored once again I was in serious trouble.

I sent 3 bone grinders into the WW and the other 2 into Wold guardian. Grievous wounds proving

very effective. Trawler killed a druid solo however his allied killed him in return. I cleared my own

zone but was now 3-2 down and no real way to contest. WW stepped into my zone, killed the

swamp horror, Baldur moved to kill the last of the Bone grinders and I sent Rask & Meat Thresher

into the WW. Meat Thresher could draw LoS to Balbur and took his shots (Rolled for 3 shots) failed

to do any damage and moved to Rask. About 5 points of damage done and no transfers, the

Shamblers ran to protect Rask. WW attacked Rask and when he was finished I had 3 shamblers left.

Skinwalkers surrounded and killed them off prior to sticking the final knife into Rask.


Assassination loss.

5-2 on scenario

Meat Thresher would appear to be the one to move from the list along with Brigands coming in for