This week, faced off against the might of Khador lead by Charlie’s Karchev.

Once again Linebreaker was the scenario.

Due to play Rask into him however we had an American Guest over, Ben Andraka and I offered him

some off my models and he requested Rask. So I played Dr Arkadius into Karchev.


Once again lost the roll, however happy to choose sides and forest to Charlies far right would be

perfect for my Earfit scout to skirt around safely into his back arc.

Charlie trampled both his Kodiaks with clouds around them, the balance of his force advanced and

Karchev popped out his counter charge spell and advanced behind his warjack wall with Rosch and

Drakhun on his left and Brun on his right.

Efaarit put a shot into the drakhun, and then back up away from his charge range. The good Dr put

forced evo up “Encouraged” the Roadhog to attack Eirysis 19” away. He assaulted and missed with

boosted attacks, Targ tried with ancillary and also missed. Everything else advanced and croaks

started work on the Kodiak ensuring the all stayed out of charge range and spread out to ensure

minimal casualties.

Charlie being “careful” advanced Eirysis back on to the burning hill to get the additional def bonus.

Kodiaks and Brine started killing the Croaks, I had 4 remaining. Drakhun repositioned to the right of

the forest. Karchev remaining menacing and slightly further forward. Lug

Battlegroup advanced and readied for the assault next turn. Eirysis burnt to death. I know I had the

tools to take down a lot of armour but this was a huge amount and although I trade well, I was not

going to come out great.


It was feat time, I was careful with the counter charge and need to get Rosch and Brun killed. I

positioned the croaks to trigger counter charge and Charlie took the offer on 2 and killed both

Croaks but refused the other 2, resulting in them blocking charge lanes, although the counter charge

would have ended in charge range of warhogs. Roadhog went after Brun and Lug. Managed to kill

Brun and free himself up. Forced Evo was switched to the warhog going after the juggernaut and I

healed the battle boar that was getting smashed by Brine. Ironic isn’t it! Feated, killed Brun,

removing Lug, Killed both Kodiaks and a juggernaut and waited for the incoming counter feat. I killed

the drakhun and managed to score 2 points, one on each flag with the objective on life support.

Karchev obliged and counter feated and killed both Warhogs, Croaks, Razor boars & battle boar.

However he failed to contest the flag on the far left so I went to 3-0. The objective was well

protected by a mass of metal and I no longer had the force to rip through it. Measured the distance

to the Flag and the Good Doc could get on his toes and make it, just needed to kill the battle

mechanics contesting. The road hog walked over and killed both and the good doc ran to dominate

to win 5-0 after scoring on both flags again. Scenario really suited my light flanking force and afraid

Charlie was blood lusted and did not react to the threat.