760yx6mmn6p0krvdicrm_400x400So this week I took Calaban out for a spin.

My opponent was Martin was again with Morvanha1. Both first time to play or face these warlocks.



  • Wrastler
  • Blindwalker
  • Swamp Horror
  • Lanyssa
  • Maximus
  • Rosch & Brine
  • Trawler
  • Gudrun
  • Brigands (Min & Max) both with Warlord

Mission: Outlast

I lost the roll and Martin took first turn. Table was balanced with the only major difference being the wall on his side which was just in front of his deployment and mine was just outside my AD line. I chose the one with the wall more advanced for future turns.

Martin put Harvest and regrowth on the wolves of Orboros and ran the shamblers into a central position. I cast carnivore on the central Brigands (Min unit) and advanced to outside threat ranges on all Circle models. I positioned Brine to a location that should the Sacral Vault advanced more than 1″, he would be in charge range.

The circle army advanced, regrew 3 wolves, popped out 3 more shamblers and ran to flood the middle ground. Morvanha left herself on 1 fury and went behind the wall. The sacral vault advnaced and failed to kill any brigands, resulting in no additional fury for Morvahna.

Gator Priest

Gator Priest about to face his doom!

I went into the tank and told Martin what I was thinking as I believed there was a strong chance of an assassination. I decided to take it! I brought the Trawler on to the right and ran him to engage the stalker. Calaban advanced into the middle of the board and feated.

I shot a shambler to ensure I had an channeler, I cast bone shaker through the new chaneller at a wolf and he in turn hit Morvahna for 7 damage. Cast again and another walked into back arc and hit her again for 4. The brigands on the right killed 7 shamblers and blind walker cast his animus, positioned to see the Brine and advanced to kill 2 wolves. On each kill Calaban cast Rage on Brine and Parasite on the Sacral Vault which was dispelled with its last soul.

Brine charged into the Sacral Vault and killed it with initials, one bone shaker into the last wolf to remove the last fury & Calaban now without Wolves to attack turned onĀ  Morvhna without fighting over the wall, went directly at her with a hex blast. I cranked the damage and the game ended.

Scenario: 0-0

His feat, Dark ritual and heartstopper being amended are huge boosts to his playablity. Rage and Parasite and now have no issues removing armour.