DR.-ARKADIUSA Mash up of Minions – Arkadius Game 2

Once again took Minions out to face Circle. Morvanha1 was my foe in the hands of Martin once

again. As I think I would drop Arkadius into Baldur2, as his second pairing we said we would see how this one played out.


Dr Arkadius

  • Targ
  • Roadhog
  • Warhog
  • Warhog
  • Razorboar x4
  • Battleboar
  • Gorax
  • Efaarit Scout
  • Gatorman Witch Doctor
  • Croak Raiders
  • Swamp Gobbers.

Mission: take and Hold.

I won the roll and chose sides, with a forest in the middle of my deployment zone, as the other table  edge had a forest and rough terrain just outside the deployment zone. Martin had double Satyr and no pathfinder for them along with his gorax.

I should have chosen to go first given that I was facing Morvahna with a sacral vault. Her spells are
costly to put out and the sacral vault is slowed down by killing a single model to ensure it starts with a soul.

Game started with Martin putting harvest and regrowth out (Wolves of Orboros). Sacral Vault rolled a 1 for souls, Wolves killed 3 of their own and Bokur got 3 Corpses and Vault got 3 souls. Reeves faced off against the Croaks and this was an awful match up for the poor croaks. No reason to ever have  them against Reeves who out threat, out gun and out range them.

I moved 2 croaks forward out of the swamp which provided no benefits against reeves. Oiled the sacral Vault with an accurate scatter and the second shot it and did no damage, but at least it was on fire.

Balance of my army advanced, Forced Evo went out on the Roadhog and guardian beats was cast on the good Doc. Eaarfit flanked hard left with druid gone wilder and Satyr both in a trench.

Martin regrew the 3 wolves, upkept both spells and ran the shambles to the top of the central hill. We had determined that this was a 2.5” hill and blocked LoS to small and Medium based models. 2 Wolves made charge distance to the Gorax and did 6 damage. Reeves murdered 6 croaks, Sacral vault killed a Razor boar and Morvanha’s battlegroup postured.



It was feat turn: Started with the battle boar who Adrelinized himself, then killed 7 shamblers and faced Morvanha. Warhog ran to engage the satyr in front of Morvhana, Gorax killed 2 wolves, Razor boar on the left killed 2 more. Eaarfit put a shot into the back of the satyr and did 5 damage. Croaks engaged the reeves with one oiling the Satyr in front of the roadhog. Croaks killed 3 Reeves. Witch Doc sac stuck another with a croak.

I feated, gorax killed a shambler, battleboar did 15 damage to Morvanha (17 on 3D6), Warhog did 12 to Sacral vault, then I got greedy. Saw a chance to kill both the bokur and Gorax instead of killed the Satyr who was engaged by Warhog. Roadhog then proceeded to fluff, missed his frenzy attack and 5 of his 6 bought attacks and once needing 6’s.

Martin killed the Battleboar, backed Morvanha out the killbox, wolves charged the Roadhog and warhog failed to kill either. Reeves then combined to killed the roadhog. Things were still in the balance however I felt I had enough scenario pressure to force the game. I scored defensively; razor boar took out the sac vault. Gorax was primaled by the good doc and he killed both the Satyr and Circle Gorax. Croaks formed a shield and Gobbers popped a nice cloud out to block LoS to Arkadius.

3-0 and could score off both flags next turn. Wolves came in and contested, Morvanha, with no Transfer targets charged in and failed to kill a Razor boar 5” in front of Arkadius, using all 7 of her fury. The Dr stepped forward cast crippling grasp, Razor boar did 10 damage and Warhog trampled over her and ended the game.

3-0 Scenario

Bloody game and well matched, Croaks will be leaving the list for Brigands.