Last night I Faced Ciaran Bolger’s Skorne army lead by Naaresh.


Again I choose Arkadius as the pairing (Xerxis1 and Naaresh) have the ability to get to a reasonable

level of armour and my Calaban build may struggle.


Effigy of Valor – Steamroller Objective

Dr. Arkadius – WB: +32

– Targ – PC: 4

– Road Hog – PC: 16 (Battlegroup Points Used: 16)

– War Hog – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 15)

– War Hog – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 1)

– Razor Boar – PC: 7

– Razor Boar

– Razor Boar – PC: 7

– Razor Boar

– Battle Boar – PC: 7

– Battle Boar – PC: 7

Efaarit Scouts – PC: 6

Swamp Gobber Chef – PC: 1

Swamp Gobber Chef – PC: 1

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew – Leader & 1 Grunt: 2

Farrow Brigands – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15

– Farrow Brigand Warlord – PC: 4


Scenario: The Pit.

Lost the roll and went first. Which I didn’t mind too much. Forest to my far left which the brigands

and Efaarit scout negotiated with ease. Targ was key in keeping the razorboars herded. Gobbers ran

to protect the Dr next turn and Arkadius put Forced evo on a warhog and Guardian beast out.

Ciaran deployed in brick form as expected, Cannoner far struck himself, and with the aid of

willbreaker he hit the battleboar for 14 damage. It was a shock to the system. He moved up


I measured his max threat ranges and entered the zone, Razor boars added a shield to hopefully

angle titans away from Warhogs. Targ healed the battleboar, battleboar stood on the hill. I moved all

my beasts and had only 2 fury out (I was to have 7 and heal the BB 5 more but didn’t rile)

Ciaran feated, killed 2 razor boars and moved in to dominate his flag. Agoniser screamed and moved

into a protective wall of Tiberian, Sentinel and Cannoneer with Orin just beside him. 0-1 Bottom of 2. I

know I had to counter feat but combination of agoniser and Orin made that very difficult.

I activated the Road hog first and assaulted the Sentinel with a view to spray Orin but also got

Agoniser and Naaresh. With only 2 fury available, I boosted both on Orin and killed him. Also did 8 to

Agoniser. Go time, battleboar on the left primaled the Forced Evo’ed Warhog and Dr Arkadius,

Crippling grasped Tibberian and camped 2 and moved into the zone.

Primaled, forced Evo’ed and soon to be Full Boar’ed Warhog charged Tibberian and rolled Sname

Eyes. The other warhog did 4 damage to him. The others all did minor charges but nothing of

significance. I then chatted through my options with Ciaran – Could killed 2 beast if I was lucky but

likely lost all 3 heavies back and meant I could not kill his armour or I freed up the warhog on the left

(Unprimaled, Unevo’ed one) and he could get to Naaresh. So I killed Tibberian and it took everything

I had with the warhog – 2 more missed attacks and final attack rolling a 4 on damage when 3 was

required to kill him. That freed up the other warhog to charge Naaresh through a forest. Boosted

tusk charge attack needing 9’s to hit and hoping for crit to knock him down. Missed. Then Missed

both other initials, Bought and boosted another tusk attack and hit and critted to knock him down.

Did 8 points of damage to him.



Things looked grim – Gladiator picked up the Road hog and perfectly scattered him onto Dr Arkadius,

hiding behind a smoke cloud. Did 11 damage which burnt the first of his 2 transfers. Path of least

disturbance moved him into it and LoS to the enemy models. Cannoneer Killed Targ and only a

razorboar was blocking Arkdaius from Naaresh. He was easily removed by the sentinel. Naaresh the

Cycloned away from the first warhog, triggered guardian beast tpo get the other into melee with

him. Took a tusk attack seeking the crit and missed. He then charged Arkadius, triggered a free strike

from the warhog and went fishing for crits and missed once again.

Charge attack did 10 damage which I transferred. And with the last 4 attacks he did 12 damage.

Standing with 2 health and the good doctor to administer retribution.


1-0 Control points

Assassination victory.

MoTM – Targ, who was on the line for being cut. Herding, healing and Ancillary all came in useful in

the game.