So I have decided to do 2 posts, one for Casters & one for factions.

This post will focus on the Factions.


Our little community has now tracked up over 180 games in MKIII and we are starting to see some solid trends with us being just over a 2 months since the last update.

I’ll start with the updated table and a new top spot going to Menoth.



Current Faction
1 Menoth
2 Khador
3 Cygnar
4 Minions
5 Legion
6 Retribution
7 Circle
8 CoC
9 Skorne
10 Mercenaries
11 Cryx
12 Trolls

Previous rankings table here

Menoth and Khador switch spots at the top with Menoth playing 25 games. Skorne continues to rise with some solid performances by some individual warlocks, although some continue to struggle.

Interesting enough the bottom 3 have only 20 games between them and very few wins.

Both Cygnar & Retribution are now playing a greater proportion of games.

That’s all for now. Until next time:

May all your dice roll above average.