So the start of the annual All-Ireland. The country is divided and winner takes all! 4 regions this year and I am paired up with our local Spanish player Juan.

Skorne Vs Minions
Morghoul1 vs Strum & Drang

Funny game, both our dice were pants at important points.

Skorne List


  • Tiberian
  • Sentry x2
  • Brute
  • Agoniser
  • Zadessh
  • Gladiater
  • Master Tormentors x2
  • Min handlers
  • Midwinter

Minions List


  • Warhogs x3
  • Battleboar
  • Razorboars
  • Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
  • Altan Ashley
  • Slaughter housers x2

I lost the roll and Juan opted for the side of the table with less terrain and a hill in the centre towards his side. Straight away I was worried as I couldn’t remove key parts due to:

4 shield guards and an Agoniser

The terrain didn’t bother me as one was a pond and I put WE & SJ into it. Should have played them more centrally though. Both flanks had a unit of S/H and faced off vs Tormentor.


Tormentor on the left killed a unit of slaughterhousers and Altan (From a freestrike) after me failing 2 S/H charges on him and Altan charging him and leaving him on 2 health

Tormentor on the right killed 3 slaughterhousers and got killed.

We both squared up, I moved up to contest everything and he advanced, My turn 2 I decided not to feat as I only caught 2 sentry’s in it, but aware he was feating next turn.

He popped Morghoul onto the hill, Cast 2 abuses and forgot to feat. – Game over.

He ran the brute to engage both my razorboars (had counter charge up), Sentry’s advanced to Warhogs, the one with Polarity shield took about 10 damage and the one with vision got killed to the box. Big blow. He had 4 heavies against my 3.

At the start of my turn he realised about his feat and I allowed him to put his feat up.

I counter feated, changed with drang and engaged the brute and left him on 5 health.

Warhog with primal & one without went into a sentry on the left and hardly hurt him. SJ went and did 5 damage.

He lifted another warhog with the brute after tiberan softened him up 2 vs 4 heavies and the fact the brute did the last 4 damage at dice -6 was annoying as he had no mind or spirit so 6 to hit and 10 to kill without boosting.

SJ killed the sentry on the left, Warhog with primal went into Tiberian and left him on 6.

S&D took a free strike from Brute (took 9 damage) to get away from the gladiator. He started scoring now and I could not stop him.

Gladiator killed my objective, Tiberians got abused and healed and killed the warhog. He moved morghoul towards the flag on the right.

He was 3-0 up and I had 2 options, run 2 models taking 3 freestrikes to contest or try for the assassination. I ran Altan, taking a free strike from the tormentor and he creamed him.

Gave up on plan A.

Drang moved forward taking another free strike from brute taking 5 more damage, to engage Tiberian & paingiver. Killed tiberian and Pain giver and then had 5 fury left/ Cast Oblit at paingiver on the hill, killed him and his pal and did 4 damage to Morghoul.

W/E moved into the brute and spent all 4 fury failing to kill him at dice -5 with all boosted damage rolls.

SJ took a free strike charging Morghoul, 5 damage to 2, if that was 1 I lose my mind.

Charge attack boosted (Morghoul only has 2 beats left, Agoniser with 13 health and Sentry with 2 health). Need 10’s to hit. Miss, he dodges away.

If I roll 3 10’s I steal the game from Juan.