So I was one of the lucky ones to get a Horgle2 Model from the online store (Thanks Ciaran). Having been a long time collector and not actually gotten much tabletop time with the Kriel, it was about time that is addressed.

This blog is going to plan and hopefully a slight improvement over time as I find the Trollblood strengths and weakness first hand and hopefully avoid some of the pit falls.

So I am playing against Circle on Tuesday (2 days time) and wanted to get a list I wanted to try out which was not tailored against Circle. So given Horgle is painted and shiny, He is first up.

List Composition.

First looking at Horgle, A good few nice abilities that may not come into play in any given game but appear powerful if they do. Burnt Meat (Free charges against models suffering continuous fire), Battlegroup fire immunity and an anti knock down spell (solid ground).

Most surprising thing is he has an armour buff in inviolable Resolve . So to compound that I looking at the inclusion of the Krielstone. Also appears the already hard to kill Mountainking may be a solid option. Looking at Horgles spell list and also his fury stat, he really wants to go first. 3 upkeeps and 6 Fury means he will struggle to power the stone to max levels. So min stone and Runebearer added to list. The reduced cost on a spell each turn means Turn 1 cast IR and SG and put 3 into the stone. Zero camp but should be behind the king for safety.


List is starting to take shape:


  • Runebearer
  • Mountainking
  • Bomber
  • Warders (Min)
  • Kriel Warriors (Max)
  • Krielstone Bearers (Min)

Final List

Horgle, the Anvil – WB: +29

  • – Trollkin Runebearer – PC: 4
  • – Mountain King – PC: 36 (Battlegroup Points Used: 29)
  • – Troll Axer – PC: 10
  • – Dire Troll Bomber – PC: 19
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress – PC: 3
  • Janissa Stonetide – PC: 4
  • Swamp Gobber Chef – PC: 1
  • Kriel Warriors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 11
  • Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – Leader & 3 Grunts:
  • 6 Trollkin Warders – Leader & 2 Grunts: 10

Next up would be a shield guard, 2 main options, A unit of warders or Bouncer. In the end I opted for a min Warder unit. Looking at units, a unit of Kriel warriors looked useful to tie down models and catch some bullets, so for 11 points with solid ground these could prove quite useful and found their way into the list.

Again looking at the spell list and firestarter, MK is a good target however I would like to not have to rely on a single Rat 5 range 10 spray to get benefit from the feat. So again looking at options, Bomber and impaler are stronger targets, for now the Bomber got the nod due to having 2 attempts to hit and an AOE.

So that left me with 18 points. Left the Battlegroup was a little light and would like another beast, perhaps a light. A late game beast to mop up an infantry etc after the kriel warriors were killed. Axer looked like a solid choice and bringing rush onto the table to get the extra +2″ of movement for the bombers guns could again become useful. Looked at rush and choose Lanyssa to join the Trollbloods army to extend the threat range of the trollkin force further, extra 4″ of movement could swing games brutally in my favour.

That left me with just 5 points. worried about incorporeal models and without the elder for the krielstone I wanted options, Lanyssa covered a single model well but again that wasn’t her role, Janissa appears really powerful for 4pts however the elder came in due to ability to get around stealth albeit at a very short range.

In the end Janissa won out, range on spirit chaser was likely to be 6/7″ and though it unlikely to matter. Janissa also bring a punch that may come in handy. A single pt and may favorite filler, the Goblin Chef came in.