Game was a mess – We both made some awful mistakes.

Bradigus vs Horgle.

I didn’t factor in his feat top of 2 and didn’t transfer IR to MK. He feated and got 3 heavies in with synergy up. Left the King on 11 health. I then forgot I had rage and feated and king only killed a guardian, and left a warden on 2 health but healed 9 health back with stone keeper repairs.

Martin went for an ill advised assassination and it tanked out, giving me a 35 min lead on clock. I then played stupidly slowly and attempted a counter assassination, moved the MK first, no noticing I was going to take a free strike, he did 5 damage (It should have been 1 after IR and stone but didn’t activate them yet) and that took out my mind & spirit. I couldn’t hit Bradigus, so killed a warden (I’ve bulldoze and could have just shoved the models out of my way and avoided the free strike).

He then killed the MK, I had another assassination run, Lanyssa needing 7’s to hit (Doubles to stationary) missed, Runebearer hit and did 7 damage, he was on fire, Horgle missed boosted 8’s but scattered on to him and did 2  more damage, Bomber needing 9’s boosted to hit and missed both, scattered and killed Lanyssa. Axer walked to contest, Warder attacked in back arc. Left brad with no transfers and on 7 health.

Fire stayed and did 5 more damage, martin started scoring, 2-0, I contested and tried again at assassination, 9’s to hit with bomber, missed both again, Horgle missed again. Megalith killed bomber and Horgle was standing alone.

Charged Megalith, used all 6 fury and left him on 3 health, Fire stayed and did 1 damage. Needed a roll of a 9 to kill him with splash back.

Loads of mistakes but solid list.