Battle plan:

Start with Runebearer and use Harmonious Exaltation,  Jannisa pops out a hill , Horgle Casts IR on Kriel Warriors, Fire starter on Bomber and drop 3 into the stone, walks onto hill. Rile and run all 3 beasts. Warders run and stay B2B with each other and try and maximise Shield Guard ranges. Kriel Warriors run to take up board space. Stone runs to maximise armour bubble turn 2.
Turn 2:

Upkeep F/S, swap IR &  Get solid ground out after Harmonious Exaltation, drop 1/2 (Depending on ranged threat) into stone. Position behind MK. Position models to contest, Kriel Warriors becoming key to this plan, with them staying within kriel Bubble of 8” (4 + 4 fury after spend) could be difficult. Should complete all within 7 minutes for deployment, first and 2nd turn.

Turn 3: Kill everything!

Upkeep spells, feat, throw 2 into stone. Burn it with Bomber & Runebearer casting consuming flames, Axer rushes MK, Lanyssa to cast hunters mark and MK to assault 12” with 2” reach and 10” spray. Kill whatever is engaging and then have a kill shot. Kriel warriors to follow up and shield MK from threats. Chef to get close to Mk, & Axer to take excess fury if required following turn.

Turn 4: Mop up. Simple.