Once again I put Horgle2 on the table. Still not happy with his list, I attempted to Power of Dhulia Theme force.

This changed the list to:


  • Runebearer
  • Mountainking
  • Axer
  • Bomber
  • Bouncer
  • Pyre
  • Janissa
  • Northkin Shaman
  • Krielstone
  • Runeshapers
  • Dhunian Knot

I played into Menoth and didn’t know what I was going to face but wanted to get Horgle on the table 10 times before switching locks.

Lost the roll and went second. Which I didn’t mind as I have never gone second with this list.

The Menoth force advanced forward, I had Firestarter on the bomber, IR on the MK & Solid ground out. Popped 4 into the stone and rushed the MK ended the turn on 0 fury.

Amon decided it was not worth fighting the MK and flanked hard right, with Idrian’s running to engage the Runeshapers and Jack wall to cover his advance. He ended his turn about 4″ away from the flag. He recognised that my objective was in the way and MK would have a single target, an enlivened crusader.

I went into the tank, I placed a proxy base for the MK and could get his objective, Cruasder and Castigator in melee, I could set Cruasder and Objective on fire easily from Bomber/Horgle/Runeshaper and lift all 3, if i killed my own objective. I could not dominate the zone due to order of activation issues. At this point in planning I forgot 2 items, Enliven & Rush and Rage are both Animi. Can only have one at any one time. I begin my turn actively. Kill 6+ idrians with Janissa, Runeshapers, Bouncer (that was in my way). Axer then rushed the MK and killed another. Horgle advanced to the left, towards my own flag and safety and filled the krielstone again and put flaming fists on himself. Sat on 0 camp. Pyre activated and failed to kill the objective, The runebearer had no such issues taking the final point from it. Remeasured for the mountain king, made sure all 3 where going to end up within LoS. Charged the Castigator. Hit it with the assault and a choir member, missed the Hirophiant. Things then swung badly. I missed both the charge attack on the castigator and second initial, I had forgotten I had put out puppet strings on him. Ended up doing 18 pts of damage total and effectively losing the game. I killed the objective with the bomber and passed the turn 35 minutes later into my clock.

A long Menoth turn incoming, however the MK got killed after 2 Crusaders, a Castigator, devout and Synergy as I was no longer within KS aura, another mistake, however he had another Castigator (who killed the bouncer) to go into the MK. Amon Scored and the remaining Jacks (Devout, Dervish) formed a wall of steel in front of him.

I was 2-1 down, 20 mins down and half my points. I could stop him scoring again, so Northkin dropped a cloud and placed himself into contesting range, Axer went into Devout, Janissa and runeshaper continued to terrorize the Idrian’s, bomber charged into crusader and failed to kill it. Although Dice were poor, my decisions have forced me into rolling these dice! Ended the turn on 3 mins vs 28.

Idrians, killed the runeshapers, Devout charged and missed Jannisa and then see toughed on him. Dervish killed Northkin, Bomber was killed and poor Axer, KS & runebearer looked to Horgle. He had no answers.


Again some lessons to be learned, order of activation concerns, protecting the MK by following up with the KS, Trollbloods heavy reliance on Animi.