So we decided to re wrack and start again.

Amon list changed sightly, second devout dropped for a second dervish and max choir.

Game was a disaster, start to finish. We played Extraction.

Once again I got the MK killed, left him out of the KS aura.

Amon played more aggressively, moved forward onto a hill and had a camp of 1 within range of both the bomber and MK. I took the bait, used the bomber to kill a dervish and the MK assaulted Amon and hit him with the spray, cranked the damage roll and resulted in him taking 8 damage after focus was spent.

By doing so, both the MK and Bomber was killed with no real Trollblood gain and the attrition swung heavily away from me.  Once again there was no way back, 4 heavies & 2 lights vs 4 lights. Loss of rage meant even the Axer couldn’t do any serious damage to the heavies and unable to tie them down due to the battlegroup affinity of Parry. Horgle was merely biding his time until some one got to him. 2 turns later his passed his final tough roll.

MK being a key part of the list and I’m starting to think he does not seem to fit my style of play. Ive misplayed him in most games and although I would like some more game time with him, He is the one that i’m looking at swapping out. The theme force is strong with Horgle and the Northkin Shaman has been useful. Runebearer is a must but may have to extend the KS to max so that either drop the Knot or Runebearers

I also need new dice 🙂