So I played a very very quick game against Amon using Una2 to demonstrate how tricky her feat is to play around. I used 6 proxy models.

I played with 5 Scarsfeld Griffins and Una and went second.

Amon adavnced, checked to ensure I wasnt in range. I advanced slightly forward, put Hand of faith on a griffin and passed the turn. Amon sent his army into the zone and stayed out of charge range of the Griffins but within Run range.

I feated and Ran all 5 griffins, Got 2 into the rear and 3 into the front. Both castigators used combustion on the front griffins, and failed to kill any of them, lost some aspects. Amon has Parry so a single death one have allowed him to leave unscathed. Alias, He could not. He conceded at that point as all his other attacks were Melee and Amon could not get away from the griffins if he did kill one with convection.