Training with Trolls – Gunnborjn

So I have expanded my learning to one of the factions ranged warlocks. Once again I played into Menoth and High Reclaimer.

Mission was Recon.

I chose sides after losing the roll. I chose the side with the trench and a small forest (Highwaymen have pathfinder). He preyed the Mauler & Highwaymen with his Idrians. He advanced to just inside Sniped highwaymen threat range to encourage me to be aggressive. I was, killed 2 and then feated to cover all but one of the unit. Bombers killed another 2 (1 from each unit) and I moved just behind the trench. Nyss advanced behind a forest and shot a single Idrian dead.

With the feat up he could do little, Idrians on the left got into the forest just enough to kill 3 Nyss, they are not friendly faction so the feat could not protect them, the unit on the right killed a highwayman and went to ground.

HR advanced up and using his fuel cache objective and 2 clouds blocked LoS to majority of the rest of the force. Choir sang passage and passed the turn.

I made an error here, forgot the Idrians were dug in. Highwaymen with snipe advanced, I expected to gun down 7+ models and render the unit useless. Thinking I needed 8’s to hit, I actually needed 12’s to hit per single shot. I was going to CRA in groups of 2. Moved all 9 within 12” of the whole unit and fired my first 2 man CRA. Missed needing 10’s. Began doing groups of 4+ and killed 3 Idrians and used the swift hunter to get 3 into the forest for extra protection. Feared the unit was gone.

With the abject failure of that, I could no longer flank right and start dominating the flag as the Idrians would simply have killed Gunnborjn, I went into the trench with him, popped a wall just in front of my objective and the Mauler jumped into the trench for company. I debated with myself the merits of trying to kill all the knights exemplar, thought it was worth the gamble with 3 Nyss, Braylen, Bomber,  Dozer & Smigg.

Again another fatal error, 2 Idrians behind a wall, but there was a cloud in front of the wall I completely overlooked. Started the killing, Braylen Dispatched 2, Bomber stepped forward and at this point I discovered my error. He only has a single target. Killed him and an Idrian. I had not given the unit Battle driven and more importantly pathfinder to get over the wall and through the side of the forest. Dozer & smigg went after an idrian at the side of the wall in hope of a favourable scatter, killed 3 Idrians, it was favourable but not the direction required.

3 Nyss, vs 3 targets. Due to hunter they ignored the wall. Simple Maths, 3 shots all needed 6’s to hit and 7’s to kill. Killed 1, average shooting. But I was now in serious trouble, on no camp and in charge range of feated exemplers.

Braylen was the only thing standing in his way.

Idrians to my right activated and killed Braylen (She toughed first though!) and also killed all but 4 of the Highwaymen. HR feated, popped out 2 clouds and stepped into the zone as he was confident of clearing it even if assassination failed.

Feated and the exemplers charged, 4 made it to Gunnborjn, 2 onto the Bomber. An error on Martins side now as he killed the bomber giving me 3 transfers before attacking Gunnborjn. They saved him. Idrians to my left killed the Nyss and left the
Mauler on ~10 health. In all the excitement, Martin had failed to kill my objective and score no CPs.

A glimmer of hope, Highwaymen killed the 4 exemplers in melee with Gunnborjn and Dozer & Smigg killing the last and kill shot into Idrians to kill 3. Bomber received Exposivo and Gunnborjn slammed the Reckoner back killing 2 choir. Bomber then took out his arm and movement with his bombs. Mauler killed off the last of the Exemplers.

His pincher was in place and I was trapped.

HR popped 2 more clouds out, Idrians to the left killed the Mauler and switched prey to the bomber, Scourage of Heresy killed the objective, Idrians to the right killed the Highwaymen and I was left with a bomber and Gunnborjn. Going down swinging, I put the bomber into the zone to contest (being 3- 0 down) Killed Scourage and kill shot into Idrians to the left to reduce them to 4 models.

Gunnborjn fired also leaving reckoner on 3 health. I had a chance, Bomber on about 20 health and Gunnborjn against about 8 Idrians, 2 choir, book and HR. Just had to keep Bomber alive. Hand of fate went back on the Idrians, He Ashes to ashes the bomber doing 2 points. Idrians charged and killed the bomber with 1 damage extra. Unable to contest, I lost 5-0 on scenario.