Training with Trolls – Warpcon

Game: 1 Gunnborjn Vs Vayl1  – Extraction

Lost the roll so I chose sides. Unfortunatly I picked the wrong side. I could have had a trench and a hill rather than a forest and a trench.This would have also meant the Hellmouth was not in a trench and able to contest the zone with tentacles.

I advanced toward the Legion force, put snipe on Highwaymen, put Gunnborjn into the zone. Bolt thrower slammed the bomber back, in revenge the Bomber and Gunnborjn shot him to pieces.

Fennblades started working on the Hellmouth tentacles on the right, however the Gargoyles on the left were murdering the highwaymen. Game came down to a misplay, I was 2-1 and my zone was contested, Vayl had just scored her zone. With Highwaymen down to 3 models, I was going to struggle in scenario. He had just feated to bring everything hard left and as the fennblades had failed to kill the hellmouth after charging, he could contest every 2nd turn with a tentacle. Vayl was in range of Gunnborjn and she only has 2 transfers.

The Mauler killed 2 grotesques. Gunnborjn shot Vayl with a crit and slammed her out of the zone leaving her on 2 health. She also had 2 transfers. I got tunnel vision then and went for the ill-advised assassination. First bomber killed the last grotesque in the zone (I had stepped Gunnborjn out to get LoS to Vayl so killing him made no difference and reduced my shots by 1). Killed him and used the kill shot to hit a KO’ed Vayl for 14. She transferred that. Second Bomber shot her and missed. Scattered away from Her. Took the second shot at Proteus as she had 1 transfer. Left him on 1 health. Proteus was healed and charge Gunnborjn.

Lost on Assassination. 0-1


Game 2: Horgle2 vs Haley2 – Linebreaker

Game was decided top of 2. Stormwall, Thorn and all the lances in teir. Both MK and SW threat 12”. My opponent took a gamble on killing the Axer to reduce my threat to 10”. He came up 5 health short and within MK threat range. MK one rounded the SW easily. Haley feated , attempted to TK Horgle out of the trench and backwards but failed with re-roll from squire, tried again and failed.

Lances attempted an assassination but only 2 made contact with Horgle in a trench camping 2 fury with IR and Stone (Armour 21). No damage was taken. Bomber, Jannissa, Pyre, Runebearer and Horgle all within range without moving and Haley died to a hail of flaming attacks under her own feat.

Won Assassination 1-1


Game 3: Horgle2 vs Calandra – Recon

Interesting list for Calandra. Double Highwaymen and Rok, Bomber, Axer & bouncer. Both using stockpile for objective.  Jannisa and Horthkin Shaman did a job on highwaymen on the left. However the right was reversed, combination of befuddle and Braylen killed an axer and half a bomber before I could remove them as a threat. MK killed everything in its path and I ensure that I couldn’t get charged by Rok & Bomber. Got an opportunity to Charge his bomber and axer and killed both. He counter feated, primal’ed Rok and sent him in. Left him on 10 health (46 damage taken at arm 23! Dice -5) Bouncer went in and failed to damage. Highwaymen killed off the Whelps as neither thought you could CRA into Melee vs a huge base (You can!). We rolled it out and would have taken 6 damage.  Last 4 whelps were eaten by MK and he bulldozed Rok out of the way to snack on Calandra.

Won Assassination 2-1


Game 4: Horgle vs Wyrmwood

Discussed the match up beforehand and it played out pretty much as we said. He strangled held the MK. I walked him forward, he strangled held the MK, I walked into the Zone. He Strangle held the MK, and ran a shamble into Melee range of MK. I kill him to kill shot, killing Cassius, Sentry and stone. Axer charged off into the sun set on the far right to kill the other sentry stone. Bomber throw bombs and had Megalith down to 6 health. Woldwyrd dice spiked vs MK as I had IR up. He did 32 damage with blessed. I soon dropped IR to protect MK.

Stones ported Wyrmwood into the zone and he put 15-20 models around him to ensure MK could not make melee range and camped 4 fury. Attrition was swinging away from him and he needed the MK dead. Pyre got to Bokur and killed him. Bombers cleared 6 models, Rune bearer got another 4, Horgle got a further 3.

MK trampled into melee with Wyrmwood. Failed to kill him after transfers. He was on 2 health and battlegroup completed mashed but no one dead yet. Megalith could not make range to MK, so cast curse of shadows on MK, Woldwyrd fired at him and brought him back down to 4 health. Pureblood failed to make range to MK. Pyre stepped forward and ended Wyrmwoods reign.

Won Assassination 3-1
Overall ended up on 3rd, only lost to player that was 2nd. Silly mistake cost me dearly. Starting to get to grips with Horgle and do think he can play into a lot of match ups. Larger Krielstone made protecting him a bit easier and tier allows fueling the same easier.