For Coin & Glory – Merc Batrap

The Failed recording!

So John popped over to record a game of Mercs vs Mercs with the new Rhulic Theme force. I decided to play Blaize and all Morrowian models with Rociante, Gaston with vanguard & Aiyanna and Holt.

Won the roll and opted to go first. We played outlast and I decided to use the forest on my right (in the edge of the zone) to shield my Precursors, Gaston, vanguard, Aiyaana and Holt with Harlan slightly further forward. Everything else went down the left.

4 gun bunnies all faced off to my left, forge guard and the other 2 went right. Ossyrum and heavies with both mortars stayed central. Rhulic force advanced and fired a few warning shots.

I stuck to the plan and stood Blaize on the hill, feated, camped 4 and put both shield guards beside her. Both units of Precursors entered the zone to ensure I had the enemy in charge range if he entered the zones. Feeling fairly confident his alpha could do no real harm I passed the turn.

John took the “bait”. Feated and bunnies opened fire on Blaize. Needing 12’s to hit, he hit with all 4, doing 7 damage after focus. Avalacher then stepped up I shield guarded that. The mortar fired and I also shield guarded that. He missed a single attack needing 11’s/12’s. In the right zone the bunnies opened fire and killed 2 precursors. Other mortar fired at percursors on the right and missed but unfortunately for Aiyanna she was hit and we all know what happens next.

Forgeguard charged what they could and killed a further 2. John had made a fatal error and only contested with 2 hammershields and a single bunny on the left zone in front of Blaize.

I took full advantage, killed the avalacher, 2 bunnies and 2 Hammershield on the left zone and put Blaize with Vanguard to the rear. The Zone on the right turned into a slugging match. Precursors with Holt and Harlan. Left both bunnies and 3 forgeguard to counter. I scored 2 CPs.

The rhulic force attempted another assassination, High shields CRA’ed at Blaize with both Mortars and after shield guard and focus, she took 3 damage. John had forgotten to double tap with highshields to get into the zone. Bunnies advanced but couldn’t disengage themselves from Knights so unable to add their weight of fire onto Blaize however were able to contest.

I cleared the zone once again and with me being so far up on clock, Blaize camped all her focus and ran out of the zone to safety.

Ossyrm began his turn with 13 secs.

Victory. Good game, 2 very contrasting styles. Think if under feat the warjacks were targeted and the rest of the force left alone it’s a very good counter. Blaize is not as bad as everyone thinks but she does not actively do much and could be considered boring.

Transferance (Or the morrowian version) with gallant is bonkers. He easily lifted the Avalacher and started on a bunny.