Our Club Identity

The Leinster Brigands Gaming Guild is a Warmachine/Hordes gaming club based primarily in Dublin.

First and foremost the club is for people in the Leinster area looking to get together and play games, to improve their skill level and eventually travel to international events.

The club offers members an identity they can be proud of and that is internationally recognised by the warmachine/hordes community.

The club aims to attract more like minded people to grow our pool of opponents and friends but also encourage the expansion of the Leinster meta by attracting and improving players.

Anyone, no matter their gaming or warmachine experience will is welcome to join the club.


Every member of the club will have a voice and a vote in any and all decisions made that affect the club, its members or the identity of the club.

Location does matter in applying to join the club, anyone living in or working in Leinster will meet the minimum criteria. Those falling outside of this will have their application reviewed as an exception.

We aim to have an open atmosphere for new and established players alike.

The club aims to encourage members to play as many members on a regular basis as possible and time will be given to help new players improve rather than a focus on a solely competitive play experience. Allowances will be made for players with limited available play time.

The club also aims to travel together when possible, both nationally and internationally. A annual club tour will be organised where transport will be arranged to take club members to various other metas for games.

Membership Benefits

Membership costs (€50).

Members receive the following benefits annually:

  • Polo shirt with club identity
  • Club Dice
  • Reduced entry fees for club events (4 events a year)
  • Invite to annual club tour
  • Monthly ezine, with details of events (national and international), news and videos

As optional extra members will also be able to purchase at an additional cost:

  • Club Jersey / Hoodie
  • Club Patches (for luggage)

The club makes traveling to international events more enjoyable by helping to organise travel & room sharing. A contribution by the club to subsidise international event tickets will be considered on an event by event basis.

Club Rlues

  • All members have an equal vote
  • Club events cannot be run to make a profit for individuals
  • Code of conduct for players – clean play, reasonable behaviour and ethics


The club have elected positions which help to split the work load of the club between members. These positions are voluntary and are elected annually.

Club Hierarchy

  • President / Secretary (Charlie Healy)
    handles information dissemination and non-member queries
  • Treasurer (Gerry Nolan)
    handles the club account and has veto on spend requests – forcing a club vote
  • Recruiter (Martin Kenny)
    handles membership requests and new player integration
  • Ambassador (handles liaison with other clubs, organising events and tournaments)

None of the above is mutually exclusive but each person taking on the roles should be prepared to do the vast majority of the task