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December 8, 1979

A late comer to the hobby I first started gaming in 2013 after picking up some old GW models to paint as the hobby aspect really appealed to me. I soon found painting GW units to be sole destroying and when I went to off load those models in Gamers World Dublin, I was delighted to find lots of other gaming options which had less models and a more active gaming community. And so I bought my two player starter Warmachine set and the rest is history.

I am a self confessed non competitive player, I play to socialize and I like to paint when and if I have the time. I love making terrain and getting involved in the logistics of community activities.

I am a big board gamer and have a wide variety of games which I play with my family, kids and friends. I helped set up this club to promote the game in the Leinster area, to create a better community spirit and add a fun element to the scene that had been lacking as the player base got serious about competitive gaming.

I am based in way north Dublin and am always happy to host games!