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Khador, Trollbloods
All Ireland, SmogCon
October 19, 1988

My name is John and I’ve been playing Warmachine and Hordes for over 5 years.

I started with Khador and played them exclusively for 3 years culminating in the WTC in Poland 2014. Post WTC I switched over to Trolls and played them for 18 months or so. I have gone back to Khador in recent months and had a blast playing Khador at Smogcon 2016. I am working on some Circle at the minute and think they will be my first port of call when Mark lll drops.

I have twice represented Team Northern Ireland at the WTC and was on the organising committee which brought the WTC to Ireland in 2015. I am returning to the WTC 2016 in a judging capacity.

I also play some Malifaux and have been dabbling in games such as Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant. I am a big fan of boardgames including Forbidden Island, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. With work and rotas I’m not always free evenings or weekends but try to get games when I can.