And so the campaign has ended!

Our winner of the Summer campaign is Martin with an amazing score of 105 over 5 rounds. Jason finished 2nd despite has a number of rounds where he had no games and his betrayal by Phil and the -2 points lost him the campaign (Well done Phil).

  • Winner – Martin gets a Battle box and Rule book for MK3
  • Zone – spot prizes will be given out on July 2nd at the Journeyman event ( Jason and Charlie exclude from this)
  • Most VP prize  – Small or Medium base model painted by Ciaran goes to Jason!
  • Most CP Prize – Small or Medium base model painted by Charlie goes to Martin!

Well done Martin and thanks Jason for organizing it! Final results below


The Irish Rising 2016 Brigands Summer Campaign

What you need

3 Caster and 2 x 50pt list

which will make up 2 armies – 1 x 50pts and 1 caster which will be based at all time in you HQ, and 2 casters and a 50 pt Banner army which will be used for moving around the map. You get 5 WJ/WB points with your caster. Characters are limited to one of your lists, HQ or Banner.

Every player gets to pick his own HQ position, your banner army starts from the same location. All players will roll 2d6 and the highest picks first.

Winner will be decide by the highest point scored over the campaign


  • Winner – a colossal Model of you choice
  • Second place – No prize you should have won
  • Zone – spot prize through out the campaign ( Jason and Charlie exclude from this)
  • Most VP prize  – Small or Medium base model painted by Ciaran.
  • Most CP Prize – Small or Medium base model painted by Charlie.

Campaign Phases

  1. Movement phase – Players submit movement orders
  2. Battle phase
  3. Result phase

Movement phase

During the movement phase, all players submit movement orders to the GM for their army, each turn you get two actions in the following combinations.

(March + attack) or  (March+March) or (Fortify + March) or (March and Force March)

  1. March – move from one square to the next
  2. Forced March
    1. move two square to attack a opponent, if you do this, at the start of the game roll a d6 for every model/unit on a 1 this unit does not deploy normally, instead it deploys on the table edge in the maintenance phase of the players second turn.
  3. Fortify phase – the army does not move, instead the player is allowed to place a d6 Trench or walls within 20 inch on the table when attacked in that position.

Battle Phase

  1. During this phase all players resolve any battles resulting form the movement phase.
  2. Each player has 1 caster and a 50 pt list
  3. If a zone is not fortified or your army is not beside to it, it can not be defended and is lost
  4. If you feel you are about to loss the game via an assassination, you can concede the game only on your turn and run your caster off of the battle field. The winning player scores the games as though they got an assassination, but you loser does not loss the use of that caster.

Result Phase

One player from a battle is responsible for reporting the result, if the results are not given in by the start of the following round, all points are lost.

How do I get Points?

  • 1 pt for every zone you have and 2 pts for a fortified zone
  • 5 pts caster kill
  • 3 pts battle win
  • 2 pts Betray an Alliance AND -2 pts if you have been betrayed
  • 10pts take some ones HQ
  • 1pt per control pt scored per game
  • -2pts for a loss
  • -5pts for not show up for a game
  • -5pts lose your HQ

Attacking a fortified zone 

Buy a roll on the attacking table, for 2 pts. Roll a d6 and see below

1 Roll a d6 for every unit/model on a 1 they deploy on the table edge on your deployment zone
2 Caster lose 1 focus for the whole game
3 For turn 1 all model/units have -2 speed
4 For turn 1 all models/units gain +2 speed
5 Your caster gets +1 focus for the game
6 1 unit/ model gains ambush rule

Does the attacker have to buy on the table?
No, it can be good and bad, it’s up to the attacker to decide.

Allies and Enemies

Players are Encouraged to throughout the campaign to make deals, alliances, bribes and BETRAYALS as they like, this campaign is about Fun



If I lose my HQ is the game over ?

No as long as you control a zone it becomes you new HQ, if your caster in killed defending your HQ they are gone for a turn, and you need to keep one of the other caster in the HQ and can now only have one caster attack.

When your HQ is moved it will take another turn for the attacking caster to return to the army, so basically he has gone from attacking army for two turns.

How do I hold on to a zone?  
Once you move in a zone its yours, if and when you move on you must fortify it or it ca just be taken off you by someone else moving into it, if it is fortified a battle will result.

Are there any scenarios to be used?
Roll at the start of a battle from the 8 scenario

Can I buy back into the game 

  • Someone can give you one of their zones and tax you for points
  • You can buy a spot prize for the campaign

If two players attack another ?  battles separately or together?

Only one person can attack per turn Dice off for attacking players

What happens if you kill a caster or units in a battle?

Lose that caster for 1 round